4th of July Fringe Bunting

Vintage Calico Cotton fabric

You will need a mid weight cord,
fabric scissors,

Cut your fabric in strips to the measurement you 
would like,
I measured mine at 3 inches wide
6 feet long, or 2 yards long pieces


stretch out your cord to the desired length you 
want your bunting to be
Fold in have your fabric strips as you go,

Start in the Center of your cord length,
( I find it easier to work from the center out to the ends)
Set your fabric strip under the cord,

Fold down the top of the strip over the cord,
bring the loose ends up to meet it
and slip them through the loop,

Pull the ends slowly through the loop
adjusting as you go 

Snug the fabric strip up to the cord,
This is a good time to turn the fabric to 
show the way you want it to,