Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cubby's and Corner's of Christmas

My oldest son Lee made this in 
2nd Grade,
I put it up every year !

My brothers, sister and my 
Google Eye Cups,
don't know what happened 
to the 4th one,

Still love the White Christmas Look, 
Even though I went to the traditional
Victorian Tree
Look this Year, 

The Gypsy Landing on 
your way upstairs, 

The second Gypsy Landing, 

The Cabin Room, 
I made these Cowboy Boot Stockings
 25 years ago,
when my children were still at home,
This is my own pattern, none existed then,
I used a Native American design, 
leather, porcupine quills,
shells, rawhide, and beads, 

My Mother gave me these sweet angels ,
so many years ago........