Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend, Civil War Remembrance !

Thank goodness for the train 
that circles the Village and 
has stations at different locations, 
The Train saves a lot of steps and 
is fun and pleasant to ride,
especially for a little four year old boy who 
LOVES Trains !!!

Here with my son and 
Grandchildren in front of the 

Peaceful setting on the front porch,

Four year old Max working hard to water the 
Daggett Saltbox Farm Herb Garden !!!

My favorite cottage with my favorite Granddaughter Bella,
We didn't have time to stand in 
line for Tea on the Terrace,
maybe next year !

Union Soldiers Demonstration on the Green, 

One of the nicest Memorial Saturday's
I have had here at the Village, 
the weather was not too
hot, (important when you are wearing 
nine layers of clothing) or not too cold , 
It was impossible to see everything in one
day, however just being in the ambience 
of the event sends me back in time!!

So fun to see the Village through 
 my Grandchildren's eyes  too !!