Saturday, April 1, 2017

This Poor Old Victorian Home

When I took down the real tree,
and then packed away all the trimming's
I had what I thought was a wonderful idea, 

I will clear out the front entrance 
of decorations and 
everyday decor, and finally 
after 44 years get to painting 
the walls and stairway walls of 
the beautiful old house !!!!

I emptied that old bookcase on the top landing 
and hauled it out to the front porch, (to give away)

I cleared the stairway of antique display's, 
to start cleaning the wood work before I paint!

I used Zip Strip and the orange stripper,
I only wanted to clean the 
top edges of the wood work
where white paint from previous
 owners had left paint smears,

Also first I had to smooth out uneven 
plaster with my paint scraper,
What a mess, white dust, 
messy paint and old varnish melting 
off the beautiful wood work, 

Finishing one section at a time, moving the 
pieces of furniture back, then cover them, and 
moving on to the next section,

I have been at this since January, 
Between my business, family and friend events
I have had to start and stop many times,
However I am determined to complete this, 

The walls you see here are a semis gloss white, 
so fresh and pretty,
the north wall will be a Burgundy Red, ! 
I am almost ready to start the Red !
I will keep you posted as I progress,

If anyone has any advice or similar 
experiences,  leave me a comment,
I can use all the advice I can get !

Wish me Luck and stay tuned to see my progress!

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