Monday, December 19, 2016

Winner Christmas Tree Tour

I Won, I Won, !!!!!

I was voted Best Tree this year !!!


Vintage Angels on High....................................
(found 3 more at garage sale this summer)...
Vintage Santa on his Way...............
To the Tree.............

Up then down the stairs,
 to the Tree in the Front Parlor

Vintage Beaded, Mesh , Crochet Bags,
One of My daughter's worn toe shoe's, with Baryshnikov signature !
A sweet tiny hand crochet Dolls Dress

McCoy Pottery Pitcher, 
Little Angel ,
Tiny little tree my son gave me years ago !

The winning Tree, 

For the last couple years I have been 
decorating a White Shabby Tree,

Candy Cone, 
Antique Cream Pitcher, 
Eiffel Tower

I found a package of molding's at a
 garage sale, painted them white
and use them all over the 
house for decoration,
I put a few on the tree,
The round turning's is one of many original gingerbread pieces from the original 
porch on my house, 
a few I painted white for the tree

Faerie I brought in from the Garden ,

Tissue Paper Ornament I made 
with vintage pattern paper
and vintage sheet music

The Star another garage sale find, 
painted white,
A vintage Bridal Veil Hat, 

Vintage Rhinestone belt buckle, 
Tiny Church nestled in 

Hand Painted from Italy Ceramic Moon's
Grammy's necklace of pearls

One of many Antique Silver 
Napkin Rings, 

Antique Silver Sugar Bowl, 
The creamer is on the other side 

There are so many more 
unusual ornaments deep inside the 
tree, however these are just a few, 

Thank You Everyone!!