Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Old Rustic Sled , Crate, Kitchen Work Table, and More

I picked up this antique green patina kitchen work 
table at my neighbors yard sale a couple years ago, 

The green chair came with 3 others just like it, however only
one was painted this 1930's green, 
who knew that 30 years later after finding the chair 
I would have a table to match !!!!
Amazing what you have if you hang on to
something long enough, LOL !

One of my burlap Christmas Stocking,
I used antique chair webbing for the cuff
then put on a rusty bell,

Giant Pine Cones from a sale some years ago, 

This Twig Christmas Tree I bought at 
a retail store I used to work in ,
I decided not to put anything on it , 
sometimes just "plain" is nice, 

My Mother gave me this little antique Red Sled, 
she said it was used to put your Christmas cards on that you
receive in the mail, 
The vintage sled on the table was actually
my brother's, sister and mine,
it is a small child size, 
then my own children used it,
when they were little,

The fruit crate was in my Grandmother things,
she probably received fruit in it at her restaurant 
she owned back in the 1940's to 1960's, 

The little Red Christmas Tree is one I made,
Felted wool circles adhered together with 
a bulb on top, I used a vintage wooden spool for the trunk,

"The Smoking Man" as 
my grandchildren call him,
put a cone inside and smoke comes 
out his mouth ! 
My son brought this home from Germany
when he was deployed to Kosovo, 

Vintage Sap Bucket from 
sale this last summer, 

Here he is, The "original" "Smoking Man", from my grandmother,
always in her cabinet, 
we kids would ask her to make it smoke,
He has an old felt hat, a pewter fish, 
the little pipe stem 
did break off at some point,

The Gypsy Garden on Christmas Eve, 

Follow the Trail 

Hot Toddy,

I hope you all had a Blessed
and New Years Celebration!!