Monday, July 25, 2016

Gypsy's Invade Maple Street !!!!

To Gypsy Teri's Camp we did travel, 
For our annual Gypsy Gathering with our 
Hostess the Beautiful Gypsy Teri,  

Fortunes told through the beaded curtain Grotto, 

Daisy was sure to be the 
first in line at the curtain, 

Gypsy Nancy and Gypsy Brooke

Gypsy Teri and Gypsy Sally,
spinning their fortunes, 

           Splashing fun on a 92 degree evening, 

Gypsy's Sally,  Gail, Angela, Cynthia

Beautiful Gypsy Brandy 

Beautiful Gypsy Bella,

Beautiful Gypsy Jen, 

Time to vote for the Gypsy Princess,
Our winner this year, 
Adorable Gypsy Leila,
 (yes,her name is really Leila)
so........., presenting 
Gypsy Princess Leila  !!!
         And Our Gypsy Queen,
            Beautiful Gypsy Queen Nancy !!!
What every true Gypsy loves,
White Elephant Garden  Gifts and Trinkets!!!!
           The Magick of evening is here, 
Candles lit, 
Lights glowing, 
All of our Beautiful Gypsy Sisters !!!!!
Wonderful women, coming together,
for fun and fellowship!!!

Until next Year !!!