Monday, March 7, 2016

Celebrating Downton Abbey !

How did you celebrate the Final Season of Downton?
I'm so glad I decided to do some last minute
invite's and celebrating,
Linking with 

The house decorated with period clothing,
Pearls, Flowers, Crystal, 

Vintage Linen's  and Lace, 

Wedding Cake, 

Quip's and Quote's from the Dowager 
tied onto the Damask linen napkins!

Something to wear, 

Guests arrive, 

A Wedding Gown, 

Hats and Frock's, 

Candles and Baby's Breath, 

Party Favor"s, 

Downton ornaments I made, 

I must say among the tears and drama of the 
evening, especially the results for Carson, and twist of fate for Burrrow's,
overall everyone did have a Happy Ending!

I like to imagine they all live on with more children and grandchildren,
Keep the current and new household staff,
Form bonds with those who do leave or stay as the years go by, 
Tea's on the lawn, Christmas in front of that massive tree,
Just living their Grand Life !!!

Reminding me that even in my small Castle,
I too can and do live a Grand Life, with dear family and friends,
of course not on the same scale, however, at  the end of the day 
we all have the same relationships and emotions!

 Oh, Downton, I will think of you often, 
Visit you watching  re-runs and video,
I won't let you stray too far away after-all ......,