Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve Tree

My friend Maria grew up in Austria,

Thank You for hosting What's It Wednesday,

She invited me over to see 
her "true" Austrian Christmas Tree!,
Complete with little candles, 

Straw and shaved wood ornaments, 

Once the candles were lit, Maria 
turned off the electric lights,
What a magical site!!!!! 
Sooooooo Beautiful !! 

Aw, but wait there is more !

Then Maria lit the Sparklers!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, how beautiful !!!

So Beautiful, So Peaceful 
in Maria's country home with 
just the tree candles,
 (and sparkler's) burning, 
Christmas songs playing, 
What a magical way to celebrate 
the coming of the New Year!

May you all be blessed with the peace, and Sparkle this New Year's Eve !!!