Wednesday, April 22, 2015

May Day Cones and Basket's

Happy Spring Everyone,
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I have had these little baskets floating around the house for a couple of years,
I don't have before pictures of them, 
however they were unpainted and a brown and tan typical basket color.

So first I painted them white, 

Filled them with straw grass, then some sweet little silk flowers,
and laced them with some antique lace, 
Finally I gave them a spray with glue and sprinkled white 
glitter on everything, 

Paper cones to fill with May Day flowers, candy or little gifts,

I used pages from an Herbal book, it is a reproduction of  garden and herbal
flowers and diary notes, 
Roll the page, glue, I cut out additional pictures from other pages,
or just the flowers, or a word, or a bird or butterfly, tie on a ribbon and hang 
on someone's front door, ring the bell and run away!

I love May Day's, my children would come home from elementary school with 
their handmade baskets, I would hear the front door bell, go to 
the door and hanging on the door knob would be their sweet 
little basket's! 

So don't forget to cheer someone up and hang your's on their door this season!

Have a warm and  sunny week!