Monday, January 9, 2017

Valentine Window

I found this sweet window frame with the little shelf at a garage sale, 
 It measures 10 by 12 inches, 
I love to scrap book when I 
have time, so I was finally able to fill 
the window with little things I have 
been collecting for scrap booking !!!!

First, I painted the frame white then 
filled the shelf with fiberfill and covered it 
with pink rose velvet to make a pin cushion, 

Then I glued to the back of 
window one an old photo,
The poem is an actual page from an 
antique book that I glued 
in the second frame, 
Little antique silk 
flower's, tulle, antique lace, button
and  a little heart box, that I painted 
and sugared with white glitter

I tucked in little treasures between 
the shelf and pin cushion
with just a drop of Fabri-Tac so 
they would hold, 
an old wooden spool, 
a piece of broken tape measure,
an old button card, some new scrap tags, 

The February window, with 
antique flowers and 
velvet green leaves, 

This sweet pretty girl picture, 
Don't you just wonder 
who she was and what 
she did in her life ?
And, look at the sleeves on this dress!!!
So Beautiful !! 

A re-pro scrap paper in this frame,
Just happen to be  women fixing their hair, 

And finally, the antique music 
sheet paper in the last window, 

This was so fun and relaxing to put together,
However I had to get out about 10 boxes of 
collectibles to put this together, and then
you couldn't walk through my dinning room !!!!

Haha, Does this happen to you too?

Wishing you  a Happy Scrappy Day !!