Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas with Downton Abbey

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Who is addicted to the series "Downton Abbey" on PBS?

Me, for one,

I was invited to participate in the Festival of the Trees, fundraiser for 
the Turner/Dodge Mansion.

Various local businesses decorated a tree for the public to view
over the next months weekends.

As soon as I was invited, It only took nano seconds to 
 come up with a theme and ideas for my tree.

A beautiful turn of the century mansion? 

The most viewed turn of century dated PBS drama on television?

The universe had aliened with the opportunity for me to be 
creative with my passion for two of my favorite things,

Christmas and Downton! 

What an exciting combination!

Follow the stairs to see my tree!
Each room had a different themed tree!

I was in the alcove on the second floor, where the 
second and third floor ballroom stairs meet,
Here I am all sprawled out, sorting, the eight boxes of 
decorations I packed, plus the tree and lights,
(yes, I had to lug it all up the stairs)

I made all of the Cornucopia ornaments
with a different picture of the Downton Abbey characters,
some 24 cones!

Dowager Lady Violet Grantham,
the fringe is 100 year old jet black beads,
my mother found for me some 30 years ago, 
(yes, I have been collecting a long time)

Lady Rose,  antique lace and tulle, 

Grantham Family Crest,

Matthew and Mary, antique silk, tulle and more antique black jet trim,

I then filled in with pearls, silk tulle, Antique silver creamer, sugar,
Coffee Pot, Antique silver napkin rings, Royal Dalton Tea Cups, 

Ostrich feathers, Antique gold leaf lace, 

Antique green enamel  hot water pot for tea, antique  red gloves, (grandmother),
and more gloves, 

I thought it fitting that the Tiara go on the top of the tree,

Lady Edith, Lady Sibyl, and Lady Mary with 
antique black silk lace and antique jet beads,
Antique silver salt and pepper, Silver spoon, fork and knife, 

The three sisters again, Lord Grantham, 

Under the tree I place antique hat boxes with some of my clothing
in them, hats, one of my Shabby Scarves, an actual bottle of Downton Wine,
given to me for my birthday last October, (no wine in it of course),

This antique sewing machine next to my tree, already in the house,

I don't like pictures of myself, however I do like this one,
especially since my beautiful daughter Elizabeth is in it with me,
She is my oldest of my four children, and models for me on occasion,

Now I am looking forward to the Downton Christmas Special,
Christmas night! 
Also, a gathering of  friends to watch the premier January 4, 2015!

This could be another post for the New Year!

Until then, Happy Downton Christmas to you all!