Monday, September 12, 2016

Felted Wooly Orange Pumpkins

Crisp and Clear,
This time of Year,
When Orange glows near,
On the Trees, in the  Fields, In the Pumpkin Patch !!, 

This Pumpkin Patch being old wool sweaters, 
Felted, Cut and sewn into Sweet , puffy Halloween Pumpkins!

I managed to save 6 original stems from some of my 
pumpkins last year, I dried over the winter, 

So then I was able to secure them into my Wooly Halloween Pumpkins
for this years season, 
So fun and so cute!

Tied on raffia, ready to sell,

These "Wooly's" with  browns, grey's and green tones in them
also have antique buttons sewn onto them,

How do your Halloween Pumpkins grow?


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  2. These pumpkins are sooo adorable! I love the greys, I'd like to stumble into a patch of these for sure! Thank you so much for the shout out, and for joining us for the party.


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