Friday, May 30, 2014

Greenfield Village

Civil War Remembrance on Memorial weekend at 
Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan,
I drove down for the day on Saturday, spent a wondrous day with my 
daughter and grandson, 

Here I am in the Cotswold Cottage Herb Garden,

Cotswold Cottage, from England, year early 1600's

Covered Bridge from New England, 

A grove of Mulberry trees, used for the silk worms, 

Steam Train which I rode most of the day, saved my feet
and body from the heat and weight of  9 layers of clothing!

The 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry encampment, 

Viki making chicken and dumpling's !

Beautiful Ladies under the spreading Chestnut Tree !

There is so much more to the village, so much to do!
Here is a link to last years post if you would like to see more: