Monday, February 24, 2014

Rose Paper Chain Garland

I have had a huge box of rose stationary. It is printed on both sides,this side, the right side, with
beautiful pink roses and the other side with the same only more faded print.
I looked at it the other day and thought, I will never use up the box of paper, so why not make
something with the papers.

Simple and easy. I divided the paper into 4 strips, 
cut as many strips as you want the chain to be long,

 Cut out the long strips,

Glued together circles, chained together, the more chains, the longer the garland,

Winding the lace through and around the chains loops,

When I reached the end of the chain, I pinned the end of the lace where I will sew the 
button, ribbon and toole, 

With the tulle, ribbon and button layered together I sewed them in place, 

Here is each end with the trims sewn on, 

Punch a hole on the last loop, 

Take a piece of lace, ribbon or tulle and put through the hole, 
tie a knot in the lace for the hanger

Here is the garland hanging on my shabby wall, 

Imagine all the beautiful chains you could make for every occasion, especially with all 
those beautiful scrapbook papers! 
I have so many papers of all sorts everywhere in the house! 
Ummm........ guess you know what I will be up to for a while to come!
Hope you enjoyed this simple idea!