Sunday, December 15, 2013

White Christmas Corner

This is my little White corner of  what used to be the dinning room.
Four years ago  I made it into a workroom full of sewing machines.  

My house is so Victorian, the architecture, the colors, and the furniture. 
So for me to make my house "Shabby" is quite an undertaking,

However,  I find corners, walls, etc. where a little Shabbiness will work,

Tin Star made by an antique dealer friend from an old tin ceiling section,
This wooden leg was given to me by a neighbor, dark walnut,
I painted it a couple years ago, have moved it here and there in the house, just now found the perfect place for it, kinda reminds me of a mantel, 

All of the sweet little Cherubs I have found at Goodwill, painted this wooden box, glued lace and
pearl buttons on it, painted the wooden spools, filled a tiny jar with pearl buttons, wrapped tiny lace doily on the top and tied with another piece of lace,

Grey and White Felted Wool Tree's,

This is a little lamp base I bought at a garage sale for 10 cents, it is only 10 inches tall,
I made a tassel out of it, had it on my "Shabby Tree" last year,  It has linen, antique lace, vintage cording,  and a heart charm on it,

My youngest daughter made these beeswax candles quite a few years ago, just have never burned them, and the bisque cherubs, where else, found at Goodwill!

One of my favorite and treasured Christmas items, this white ceramic Christmas tree,
My mother made this in ceramic class, back in the 1960's when "ceramics" were the thing to do!
I realize when everyone was painting theirs, green, red, pink, she left hers white! 
She was always a visionary and ahead of her time with crafts, sewing,  etc.!
I am so glad I have this! 
What are your favorite Christmas treasures?
Will show more next week,