Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas KItchen

Some of my favorite Christmas things...............
Be sure to visit our hostess, Jody, at,
Mrs. Olson at Share Your Cup
for more Christmas Treasures, 

Vintage stoneware, 

My Dad's Prince Albert tobacco, he had this up at the stone house cottage,
always used it, guess the tobacco kept forever...........

Ida's (my grandmother) Cracker tin,

White Stoneware,

Google Eye's!
There was a 4th google eye cup,
one for each of my sister and 2 brothers,
sadly don't know what happen to the 4th one,

Old wooden box's I have had forever,

Sugar and Flour tin also at the stone house, one of my old thermo's
Ida's copper tea kettle,

This wooden dowel? Was once on the original front porch Gingerbread, found a box full  in the
Carriage Barn, Last year I painted some white for my Shabby Tree, this year I am using
the rest of them as they are with the original dark red color, 

Will have more Christmas later,
Have a Blessed week everyone,