Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Apron's of Christmas Past

If only these aprons could talk,  all the Christmas parties, family dinners,
history, I can look at them and imagine the conversations and occasions.
Sweet Christmas Apron's I have collected for the last 30 years,
Most of these are 1950's or earlier,
My mother always wore apron's, she had some for everyday and some
for special occasions,

These are all handmade, some have detailed sewing techniques,
you can still see the original hand stitching,
Red Voile, printed with that fussy felted applique,
Referred to as "flocking"  printed on the voile,

This probably was the fancy dress up apron to use in the kitchen after 
all the hard work was done and so guests wouldn't catch you in an ugly messy apron!

This is one of my favorites, an adult size with Kittens printed in the cotton,
The border print of the kittens is made into three pockets,
Europeon, Scandinavian print all hand embroidered with vintage ric rac on the hem,
perfectly sewn,

Another cotton voile with an appliqued decorative border,
another fancy apron,

This one seems to be a very everyday, practical apron, cotton, with presents printed on the fabric,
bias tape used around the edge's of the pockets,
This one is an adorable little girls apron,
my   youngest daughter,  Alexandra, actually wore this from the time she was 2 years till at least
seven years old,
My older daughter, Elizabeth wore the Kitten apron in the top picture,
I can still see both of them with flour all over the table and themselves,

A mother or grandmother lovingly made this sweet little apron, it is in three pieces,
with 2 pockets, and the tiny apron strings

This one I think is a flour sack, linen or a ruff cotton, a natural tan, unbleached color,
beautiful "turkey red"  feather stitching on the three pockets,


And, this one I put in my kitchen window every year,
I sewed a wide bias tape on the waist, leaving the ends open so
I could slide the curtain rod through. I stitched the bias on by hand because
I didn't want needle holes in the cotton.  This way I can also remove the tape if
I ever want to without harming the fabric.
The pocket has an old bell applique on it, I usually put a sprig of greens in the
pocket and, or, some cinnamon sticks, this year I tied an old granite ware funnel
on the end of the apron string which I always leave hanging free,
The apron does slide easily on the curtain rod when I want to open it,
I have many more aprons in my collection, these are just the Christmas ones,
Did you wear your Christmas apron this year?
Happy Baking this Christmas Eve!