Monday, September 4, 2017

White Pumpkin

B  O  O  !!

Just thought it would be fun to see this cool white pumpkin
with some other whites I have.
 I bought the pumpkin from a fellow antique vendor at my shop,

When I touched the pumpkin it "felt" and sounded like "tin",
Elaine started wrapping it with bubble wrap, I said, "Oh that's ok, I'm going right
home with it,

Then she told me it was "Bisque", it still needed to be "fired", glazed, finished,
so now I love it even more!

Old Ice Tongs, I used an empty paper towel tube to put on the hooks,
so I could then hang some pretty linen towels on it,

 I love White on White, 
Now what do I do with all my color dishes,
vases, glasses, silver, pewter, 
Mix and Match?

Haha,  so many pretty things
So little time !!!!

PS:   Just for Fun, Here he is in Black also !!