Sunday, August 4, 2013

Roof for the House and Carriage Barn Complete

 Many fellow bloggers have wondered how my house roof turned out.
I can finally post the results of a new roof on my house and carriage barn.
As you can imagine it was quite the process. Everything turned out beautiful!!!
This is a 40/50 year roof, no more worries till then, when I am long gone,  
I wonder who will take care of it then? 
It has been a long and winding journey to do the new roof on my 100 year old house and
carriage barn.  It has taken the month of April. Starts and stops depending on the weather, family commitments and the roofers schedule. I had wonderful roofers,. They were very considerate of my gardens and the integrity of the old house.  
Front of the house,
First two of the pines I planted 30 years ago had to come down,
Second, the old brick chimney had to be removed, and
Third, the wet roofing deck on the barn had to be replaced.
I think considering all these extra steps, they did a timely job!

After............... sigh, I do miss the trees, however rubbing on the new roof would not be good
Here is the house roof complete, this is the back, the chimney used to be behind the pipe that is sticking up. After I had the chimney taken  down, I wondered if I have compromised the integrity of the 100 year old home?  However, I do not have to worry about bats, coons, or bricks falling down anymore. The fireplace and mantel inside were taken out years ago, I would love to chop into the existing wall where the fireplace used to be to see what is inside,................. someday!
Now for the carriage barn, this is the entrance to my poor  Faerie Garden, won't be getting an early start on cleaning out the beds this year, oh well,
Another view of the entrance,

Taking off the old boards, yep needs all new "decking" as in "roofing language",

Putting on the new shingles, this side went fairly fast,

Another view of pre shingle's, getting the decking on,

Ok, here we are on the other side of the barn, or the east side, this is a whole other entity and became kind of a problem, the poor old barn walls bowed out on this side, the crew had to tighten the cables strung across the inside of the barn, (done years ago, to give the walls support), this took another afternoon to complete, till about 8pm, these poor guys were so frustrated, and of course it was one of our really warm spring days, I was afraid they wouldn't come back in the morning, Haha! They assured me that the cables would still hold and have seen this done on other barns before. So, I thinking........ ooooooo........... kkkkkkkkk................

Sky light,

Standing on the cable while another roofer tightens the cable, 
Finally can put  the decking on this side, now for the shingles! Yea!!!!!
This barn will be my business studio soon, so the roof is imperative to my business.
And, well you can't have a studio if you don't have a roof, so this is a great start! 
 I am not fussing as much as I usually do this year in my gardens. This roofing business has taken a lot of time and just don't have the energy. I still have some cleanup of the grounds (although the crew did a great job getting most of it ) and inside of the barn. However, no worries, I plan to just enjoy looking at my beautiful roofs while I sip on a glass of wine in the gardens!