Wednesday, July 3, 2013

North Woods Vacation

Setting up Camp in Kalkaska,

My daughter found this for me to take camping, sausage stick,
It is suppose to be a joke, however I did have an encounter with a Sasquatch, yes it is true, and that
would require another post to tell you about it, I am like all the other people who have heard or
have seen one, you never forget it and you can never be told it was not true or your imagination.
Adorable Gelato shop in Suttons Bay,

Jenifer the owner let me snap her picture,


To Leland, quaint shops and beautiful beach,
North Manitou Island in the background, Lake Michigan,

Old fishing huts now turned into quaint shops,

The old fishing nets,
Now up the coast, passing Peshwaube Town,
To Omena,
Northport is beyond this point, the day was getting late and I still had to drive about
an hour to get back to my camp site.
The coast up along the "little finger" of  Michigan is breathtaking, such a pretty drive,
so hard to get every special view,
 Sure was sad to have to come home, but very refreshing to get away!