Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sweet White wild Anemone's, I brought home some 25 years ago from my dad's property up north, they have traveled to the west side of the house,

Artemisia, in the Faerie Garden,

White tent called a Sibley, from the Civil War encampment at Greenfield Village this year,
Shabby Bags,
This tall window is at the top of my staircase. The 30 year old white pine shaded the window. I had to have it cut down when I put on the new roof. This is the west side of the house, so now I need a full curtain for shade, so will be going Shabby here,
I hurriedly put together this shabby curtain. I can see I need to make some adjustments to it. I still have painting to do and also repair the hanging light.
I bought this wood and tin chest from my neighbors garage sale a couple years ago for 10.00. My granddaughter calls it a treasure chest, Hehe, so as soon as I figure out how to brace the top from coming down on fingers I will put in dress up clothes and definitely some treasure in it!
Just do not have time to strip, and sand this now, so I put on one coat of white paint and, hope to redo some day, (sigh)

And finally one shabby kitchen curtain, I still have another one to make, I just use scraps of chiffon and layers of scrap pieces of lace, linen or whatever I have left over from a project.
Going "Shabby" is taking me a long time, it is not as easy as it looks. So hopefully I will have the kitchen done soon. This curtain uses the same technique as my shabby curtains on my shabby mud porch.
Click Here for the "Shabby Curtains" tutorial.
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Wish you all a wonderful and blessed week!