Friday, May 17, 2013

No Sew Pillow Slip Covers!

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I seem to be always sewing for other people, (sound familiar?)
So, I thought I would share what I do when there is no time to sew for the house , and I need
a quick fix around the house for the holidays or company coming over.
This is how "I", recover or slipcover in a hurry!
This is one of my pillows in the parlor,

It starts with this linen jacket/coat given to me for the fabric,
It has beautiful cabbage roses on it, most every room in my house has this theme,

Here is the pillow,
I unbutton the coat and put the pillow inside,


Now button up the coat, this coat just happens to fit this pillow really well,

Fold and tuck in the bottom under itself, you could pin this closed after you tuck it
in , however it somehow stays tucked in without having to do that,

Here is the final tuck and fold,

The collar on the coat stays the same,
Now I took the sleeves and did a first tie, across the top of the pillow
and you want to tie again for the knot, making sure you tie the second time "leading" with the
"top" strand to make a "square" knot,

Fluff out the knot to make it more square, and you are done,
It took maybe 5 minutes? And people love the look and always amazed at
what I have used to do this.  Haha!
I also use large pieces of fabric, that I haven't sewn up yet for other pillows. For a square pillow, take a piece of fabric larger then your pillow form. Center the pillow, Fold in the corners, tuck the last fold inside the first three corners that came together. 
Wrap with another ribbon, cord or other decorative trim, fold into a bow or knot in the front and you are done!!!