Monday, April 15, 2013

Cold Spring Projects

Hello everyone on this cloudy, rainy, cold, (snow yesterday) day!
Here are some projects I kept busy with when I really wish I could have been out in
the gardens. 
These are not old shudders, however I have had them for a long time
in the carriage barn!  I bought them at a garage sale for 3.00. So swept them off, wipe them down and ready to paint,
This is an old screen and wood frame, I think this is actually off my house
when the windows were replaced  years ago, they also have been in the carriage barn,

I do not have a before picture of these, they are little linen hand towel's,
A fellow vendor gave them to me to make into pillows, for another fellow vendor
who is the innkeeper at the Marketplace Inn, on Mackinaw Island. We finished them for
her birthday, thought she might like to use them at the inn or keep for herself!.
I put a cotton eyelet bow tie on "His" pillow.

A shabby lace and linen rose on "Her" pillow.

Here is the shudder finished, I am using it for a back drop at my shop,
Here are the two screens propted up against the shudder,

I left this screen the original dark, rusty surface and painted the white
Fleur de Les on it,

And this screen is the opposite of course with the white screen and black
Fleur de Les, when you paint these screens you have to paint the front and
the back of the screen mesh, be sure to smooth out the clumps that fall into
some of the screen holes by just poking them with a pin or toothpick.
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Have a "warm" day, we are all trying to here in Michigan,
Take Care,