Friday, January 18, 2013

Victorian Antique Paper Valentines


Good Morning fellow bloggers,

I like to make cornucopias for every holiday or occasion,
These are  for Valentines Day, just waiting to have flowers or candy put in them,
They are made from antique sheet music from 1909, (a few actually have the date showing)
I managed to get the song title at the
top of the cones, 12 inches long, 2 to 3 inches wide at the top,
I made the little flags in the center by printing over a piece of the sheet music
lining up the words with the spaces of the music then print with the music sheet in the printer,
I will be "Giving Away" one of the cones, read how to enter at the end of this post! 

To Springtime
Morning Song
Chapel Bell, (hard to see, the name is on the left curved side)
Longing,  (give away)
Each cone have antique pattern tissue, shredded silk or cotton ribbon, charms, feathers,
vintage milliner flowers, crepe paper,
Each Valentine looks like this on the inside, a piece of vintage wallpaper inserted
for support,
Oh, sweet Valentines, do I get out all the decorations out this year? I still have Christmas to
put away. Well ........ of course I get out the decorations!  I just love all the fussing, I am addicted to "Fussing" and
over the "Topness", new word? Haha,
Thanks so much for visiting, I will be stopping by to visit all of you also,
Have a great week,
I am happy to announce,
Kathleen is the winner of my cone drawing at