Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shabby Tree Wanabe

Well, its getting there, haha, what a process this year,
I am attempting a "White Shabby Tree" this year, many of you do "shabby",
however it is new to me, my house has always been classic Victorian, the deep jewel tones,
dark furniture, and trying to change is well, really hard! I am not doing every room, not even
this front room, however did decide to do a shabby tree, so some of the elements in the
room will have to change without painting the furniture or walls because
I will leave this room the same after Christmas and shabby other rooms .
My son brought the tree to my house, not the one I had picked out, don't know
what happen to the one they were "holding",  turn and turn the tree, finally in position,
the next day noticed the top front branch was bare, my son came back over that night and
turned the tree again,

Making room in the front window,
Umm, now what will I do with these, found in the carriage barn some years ago,
part of the original front porch gingerbread! Love these,

cleaning them up,
Little lamp base and lace,
I don't want to give away too much hoping to have this for Blissful White, might have to be
next week,
Wish me luck,