Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shabby Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas wonderful bloggers!
I have finally completed my "shabby tree transformation!
I must say I so admire all of you shabby decorators, this is not an easy process, and yet you would think something like the color white would be so simple!!!!
I love the way everything turned out, (I still tweak the items for fun), and there is just to much to put in one post, so I will try not to write too much and just let you look.
One of my paper cones, this is a 1909 piece of sheet music, vintage tissue paper and a sparkle charm,

Used an old chenille bedspread for the couch cushion, just wrap and tucked it on, the large rose pillow is wrapped with a linen coat/jacket with a rose design on it, the buttons are on the front and then I tied the sleeves over the top of the pillow!
 My sister's favorite hat, gloves and necklace of my grandmother, I used white burlap under the tree then put a large heavy piece of lace on top of that, I found the clock at Goodwill last week, for 1.99,

My mothers sewing box, it is still full of her buttons from the 1940's and 50's, she saved them from old coats or dresses, we would love to sit with a cup of tea and look at these,

This is the little lamp base I got at a garage sale for 10 cents, it is only 7 inches tall, I made it into a tassel with shredded muslin, scraps of lace, white cording,

I used  pieces of muslin for all the hanging loops on the heavy ornaments, and then used more strips for bows on the branches,
One of my shabby muslin bags,

Wooden trims that I found in the carriage barn, from the original front porch,
I painted my house this color long before I found these, I was so surprised to find that my house
used to be  this  color that I thought I chose, some kind of telepathy or physic connection, I think,
I cleaned them off with a wire brush and painted them white, only 7 of them, still use the others for another decoration,
 This is an old silver creamer, have tried so hard to shine it up, just cannot get the tarnish off,
I made the paper ornament,
This is a metal frame I picked up about 5 of them at a garage sale, painted them white,
took an  old Christmas card, cut out the center of the greeting where the picture was and put in one of my old family pictures, this one is my grandmother standing, ( the 1st one next to the car), with friends,  I think 1920"s?
 See the wide cloth garland? A friend gave me 6 of these long linen embossed, and embroidered linen pieces, 6 inches wide, they are from a Catholic church, and I think they are alter cloths, so I wove them in and around the tree branches, just love them, so pretty!
Uncle Fred, Ida (my grandmother) Uncle Henry, his wife Neila
My grandmother had a Millinery shop at one time, wish you could see the detail of the hats she has on that she made,
The peace sign was another garage sale find about 15 years ago, dark brown wood, always just hanging around on the porch or garage, painted it and sprinkle with white glitter,
Petersen's Magazine book, 1861
I put more pictures on another page, (at top of blog) if you would like to see,
The best part about doing all of this is, I didn't have to buy any ornaments! The ornaments are all things I had, that I either made, painted or re purposed in some way! And that made it fun and challenging,
The glass ornaments are the ones I usually put on the Victorian Tree, and most given to me by my children,  
Thank you so much for visiting, Have a great week,
Blessings to All,