Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Victorian Child's Christmas

Yesterday I was blessed with an afternoon with my sweet granddaughter Isabella, age 3 years,
We glued and glittered pine cones, and wooden shapes for Christmas ornaments

We pretended to sew, hopefully a future helper, she seems to instinctively take to it,
although the machine wasn't "on", we pretend to sew the fabric through the needle,
Look at that form and hand position, Haha, looks like a promising designer and seamstress to me!

Later that afternoon, when my son, Nathan  finished work for the day, he went to the store where I had previously purchased my tree, picked it up and brought it home and  put it in the stand, Isabella is supervising, Then my daughter and daughter in law came over and we all had dinner that Isabella and I had prepared,

Grandma needs one of Isabella glittered pine cones on the tree, before she goes home,
Oh, how I remember those sweet moments with my own children, now I get to play with my sweet grandchildren, I am exhausted after the day, and I did not get to work on my sewing production, however I would take this day over a day of sales anytime, because at the end of the year this will be the moment and gift that keeps on giving!
And after all tis the season of giving and making memories right?
So to all you wonderful, talented bloggers, don't work too hard or feel guilty about not getting it all done, take time to enjoy the season,  after all it is only a short month long and over in a instant,
Have a blessed week, watch for my new look, "Shabby Tree" as soon as I get it done I will post it, 
Until next time,