Monday, November 26, 2012

Victorian Shabby Tassel

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my Shabby Tassel post,
I am planning a Shabby White Christmas Tree this year (very different for me)
and this is one of the ornaments I have put together for the tree,
I am like a little child at Christmas, just love all the decorations, cooking, sewing that
goes with it, and I always feel like I never started early enough to get ready, this year is no
exception, however it will all come together in the end, or not, and I guess that is OK too.
This sweet little lamp base I picked up at a garage sale for 10 cents,
I have had it around the house for about a year just sitting around,
I finally got the inspiration to make a Tassel out of it, for one reason because I couldn't find
any parts to fit it to make it back into a lamp again,
It is only 7 inches tall and about 4 inches around,

I am redesigning my Christmas Tree this year, (another post) from traditional to
Shabby White, and this will be perfect for the tree, can't wait to put this post together,
My son is actually coming over tonight to bring in and set up the tree I bought, (huge) Haha,
Tassel cord, another garage sale find some 5 years ago,
one end of this cord went up through the lamp base and the other cord I wrapped and glued
around the tassel top so it wouldn't slip through the base of the lamp,
It took me a while to figure out how to get the shabby lace, strips of fabric, etc. through
the lamp base, This is the  existing tassel with the cord attached and pushed 
 through the lamp base hole at the bottom, only 2 and 1/2 inches around,

Here is where I wrapped and glued the extra cording  around the tassel so it would stop at the base and not slip through, then I tied the shabby lace, fabric, to the tassel using the strings of the tassel and
just hid the tied pieces in the fringe of the tassel and the fabric and lace,

I hope I explained this well, kinda hard to describe the process, and I am not good at remembering
to take pictures as I go when making a project, sorry,
I hope to post my Christmas Tree when I get it done so hope you will all come back in about a
week or so to see the finished product.
Thank you so much for stopping by, I also invite you to become a follower before you go,
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season and many blessings,