Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mystery Birthday Destination


Hi Everyone,
I am back from my mystery birthday adventure!!!!
Kiddnapped, Saturday evening, mystery destination..........

Beautiful Traverse City, Michigan!!!! 
We stayed on Long Lake,
This is the view at sunrise!!!

Here are the two cohorts, my dear friends
Wendy and Jill!!!

At Little Bohemia bar, down town Traverse City,
We decided after this "That what happens on
the Birthday adventure stays with the Birthday Adventure"!
View from the roof of the Park Place Hotel,
Traverse City,

Fine Dinning, shopping, coffee, now at the
renovated historic Traverse City State Hospital Asylum,
Before............................spooky huh?
It had been empty for years,

Wine tasting at Ciccone Winery, (Madonna) near Sutton's Bay!

Relaxing back at the house on Long Lake,
Jill is cooking Cheesy Broccoli soup, great for a cold up north evening,
This was also a "Glam" weekend, so we wore our long jeweled
gloves where ever we went!! But of course Darling!!!
Arriving home late Monday night, I find Italian cafe lights in the
back yard, more Italian decorations, such as pottery vases, basil,
candles, Antique Italian wine bottles,

And another surprise waiting when we pulled in the driveway at 8pm in
the dark, more girlfriends waiting to celebrate with Italian food and Wine.
My daughter posted an invitation  through facebook, much to my surprise,
She did an Italian theme, Calabria, where I hope to travel someday,
Now the reason for all the fuss is because this is a significant number birthday!
My daughter, Elizabeth , has organized most of the festivities, and yes there is more to
come, this is just the weekend before my birthday which is on the following Thursday!
So I leave you with the weekend first and will post the 6 days of birthday,
(there's a clue in the amount of years my birthday is, sorry, I am finding it
hard to adjust to this one, don't even like to say it)
Thank you so much, the long drive, fine dinning, drinks,
beautiful place to stay, So needed girlfriend time, and needed
to "Get out of Dodge" for a while, how blessed I am to have
wonderful girlfriends and children who took the time for
Stay tuned it is a fun ride!!!!