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Halloween How To's

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I have a few fun crafts to show you, that I sell in my shop,

Here are some of my felted wool pumpkins I make, and
some fun I had making colored bottles and printing labels for them,
decorated with old lace and buttons,

This year I used pieces of the felted wool for the stems and little tendrils on the pumpkin.
You can also wrap the stems with twine, burlap, more felted wool strings, etc.

How to Make Pumpkins:
1. Square of Felted Wool (any size you like)
2. Put stuffing in the center, thread a large needle with heavy thread,
3.  With the threaded needle do a gather stitch through all the edges,
4.  Gather up sides, corners, squish it all up,
 at this point I also like to put a stem in the center of the gathers,
and gather and secure it at the same time that I am pulling it together, tie it off,

Pumpkin Stem:
1.  To make a stem, just take a rectangle scrap, put a little stuffing in it, whip stitch it closed,
wrap it with twine, wool scraps, string, yarn, the scrappier it looks the better, it is easier to wrap the
stem "after" you sew it into the top of the pumpkin,  
5. Decorate the pumpkin any way you would like

How to Felt:
1.  Take old wool sweaters,scraps, etc.,
2.  Cut into squares,
3.  Wash in hot, hot water, put in dryer to dry

Old ticking pumpkins, follow the same directions as the wool pumpkins,
Vintage Ticking Pumpkin
Shabby Muslin Bags with Vintage Lace
How to Make:
1.  Use scraps of muslin cut in squares, (any size you want)
2.  Use strips of muslin for the handle,
3.  Put right sides together stitch around outside edge leaving raw edges all around
for a shabby look.
4.  Stitch handles at top on each side
5.  Hand stitch a piece of vintage lace for a pocket or just decoration,
6.  Hand stitch another piece of lace and tie in a bow
7.  Fill with herbs, flowers, or other goodies!
Halloween Ornament Tree

Paper Moon Ornament

Net and Paper ornament
How to Make:

1.  Newspaper print from craft, weekly, local publications, ( I used our local shopping, and event  newspaper, it had a lot of Halloween advertising in it)
2.  Vintage tissue paper, burlap, tulle, netting,
3.  Charms, vintage jewelry, vintage buttons,
4.  Fabri-Tac Glue, (I use this for everything, because it just always works)
1.  Cut a 2 inch circle from thin cardboard or old greeting cards
2.  Cut out strips a 2 inch wide by 12 inch long piece of newspaper. Cut it so the Halloween wording will be what shows on the top as you gather the paper.
3.  Gather or crinkle it up, glue it onto the outside edge of the  circle.
4. Continue to cut strips from tissue paper,  burlap, tulle, netting, or fabric, gather or crinkle and glue on layer by layer until your last layer meets in the middle of the circle
5.  Print out your favorite image on card stock and glue in the center,
6.  Now decorate with glitter, vintage lace and buttons, ribbons, vintage jewelry, twine,
7.  Glue a ribbon, yarn, loop on the back for hanging

"Arsenic",  and Old Lace Bottle

How to Decorate Bottle's:
1.  Mix Elmer's glue with paint, and a little water.
 I used  the 99 cent bottle of craft acrylic paint,
 one part glue, a couple drops of black paint, some water to help mix it all,
you kinda have to add enough paint and water to get a good consistency,
not to thick but not to thin either
2.  Mix glue mixture and pour enough in to coat the bottle  by swirling it around,
pour out the excess and let the rest dry, it takes about a 2 to 4 hours to completely
dry, depending on the size of the bottle ,
3. Then decorate your bottle with labels, lace, charms, jewels, ribbons, old buttons,
4.  I used old corks for the tops, I lit a candle and let the wax drip on the cork and the rim of the bottle
after I put the cork in the bottle, being careful not to actually seal the bottle so you can put things in if you want to,

My bottles didn't dry this dark, I think because I had to much water in the mixture,

White felted wool pumpkin,

These are little white pumpkins that I grow, They are little enough that I like to cut slits lengthwise
all the way around, a face just seems to get lost in something this small, and I find it easier to carve
when the pumpkin is this small also,

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