Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Victorian Summer Party

Wow, this late August has been so busy,
committee and club obligations, family and friends, running a business,
I am sure I am not the only one feeling the pressure,
And, then having to deal with this drought here,

That is why I looked so forward to this
 end of summer party this last week end,
A family get together, extra special because
we celebrated a dear
uncle's 75th birthday,

Williamston, Michigan  High School (yes high school) classmates
soooo, cool!!! 

                                                                     Erica and husband Rich,
River Monster, Daniel,

Aunt Carol's beloved cousins,

Time for birthday gifts, oooooh, Victoria's Secret!!!

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Aunt Janet with great niece Elizabeth,

Me, and my brothers, John and Tom, ( dear sister Patty
passed away 5 years ago)
Wonderful party and beautiful weather, ending the day with
a pontoon ride on the Grand River, 
 It will be hard to out do this next year!
However knowing my family they will !
Can't wait!