Saturday, September 15, 2012

TL and TC

Torch Lake,  and Traverse City


Please excuse me,  for I am about to brag about the beautiful state I live in,
My wonderful daughter let me come on a get a way weekend with her and
my 2 year old grandson Daniel,
Well, I must admit I had forgotten what it could be like traveling with a
2 year old, however I soon remembered and tried to be the helpful "grammy".

                                                                  Morning mist coming off Torch Lake, Rapid City,
                                                                   Unfortunately the wind, not the sun, was so
                                                   cold we never got to swim in the pristene water of Torch Lake,

Side trip to one of my favorite little towns along Torch Lake,


Daniel in charge,

                                             Next morinig, having coffee in the chilly morning sunrise,
Elizabeth and Daniel,

Here is a grandmother innovation, What do you do when you need
a "track " for the train?  Toilet Paper track of course!!, Daniel loved it,
and totally recyclable, (see......, all those teenage days of
midnight raids to trees at your friends homes prepared me for just this moment!,
 or, oh, I mean the recycle craze of the 1970's,)

                                                                     This is the only picture I got of downtown
                                                                      Traverse City, I am so bumbed, don't know what
                                                                       happened, distractions, Daniel was a little cranky at this

We did stop at the beach on the east side on the way out of town,
I tried to get a picture of a sail boat on this cold, windy morning,
The End,
leaving the motel at Rapid City on Torch Lake,
Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my latest adventure,
looking forward to Halloween, and fun blog parties,
see you all  next week, have a good one,

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