Friday, August 17, 2012

When a Princess turns "3"

My sweet Princess, Isabella turned three years old,
So what do you do? Well...........
The first thing you do is go to a Princess Party!!!
I was so excited to take her to this event this year,
I think I was more excited then she was, so many cute, sweet
little Princesses came to the party given by one of our local
shops, Keans,  here in Mason,

You say hello to "Belle"

Also visit " Jasmine"

You get your hands, so funny, Bella wanted her hand
painted rather then her face, however we did go back
later and Bella got a bow painted on her forehead,

Don't forget to get your nails painted...........

We did also visit with Pocohonis, and of course
Cinderella, sorry their pictures didn't turn out
very good,

Poor Bella can hardly wait to get her hands on the cupcake
"Caterpillar"!! (smart mommy, cupcakes were so easy to use)

Daddy helping open presents,

One of the best gifts was this little "Hello Kitty" bubble maker,
This kept Bella and her cousins, (and adults) busy and
entertained for at least an hour, it is very user friendly and
the kids can work it themselves, it was so fun, hard for even the adults to
take turns,

What a blessed day! Both my little grandbabies together,
listening to the squeals and laughter,
Wondering, why did I not have this much fun with my own four
children?  Because I was not the "Grammy" yet. Oh... if only
we could know then what we see and know now, perhaps we
led the way for our children to do child care better now.

Well, now these days I am too old and busy to over think this, so I will just keep
on being silly, fun, and helpful and enjoy the present moment with these sweet