Friday, August 24, 2012

Victorian Days at the Reenactment

There are so many wonderful festivals this weekend.
Which one do I choose?
As a member of the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. B, 
I feel I need to support my unit, My friend Ellyn and I
portray "Dressmakers" with our shop in the town scenario
at the reenactment.
And yet the town I live in, Mason, (also where the 7th MI.,
unit was from)  is having our 3rd annual
Sundried Fest, which I have yet to attend,
I could drive the 30 miles back at the end of the first day
and then head back when the last band plays, however after
wearing all 9 layers of clothing, in the 90 degree heat, I am
exhausted, hot, and just want to jump in the lake at
my friends home who I stay with,

Three young friends, Civil War Reenactors, walking
through the town at the Jackson Muster, here in
Jackson Michigan, at the Cascades Park.
Family and friends come to visit, see the camps, the town,
and sutlers, children love the horses and cannons,

I am also looking forward to seeing our new facade for our
tent, it will be a structure that looks like a cottage, house of the
era, to fit in front of the tent, with a door, windows, to look
like an actual place the town dressmaker would live or maintain
her business.
I will be posting pictures of the event and our new "facade" after the
weekend, I have not seen it yet, so it will be a surprise to Ellyn and I.
So until my return from my escape in time, have a wonderful
weekend, come and see the living history at this event,
here is a link if you would like to know more: