Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tutorial for Shabby Curtains

Shabby Fabulous Curtains!!

Hello Everyone,
I am linking this to Kathleen at White Wednesday,
It has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything, I have missed not keeping up with
posting and visiting all of you, the fall is probably the busiest time of the year for
me, with my shop, clothing, grandchildren and getting shop displays and
the house ready for the holidays,

So....., I thought I would share with you how I make my "Shabby Curtains",
I rummage through my box of chiffon pieces,

I have large and small pieces of chiffon that I have been hoarding, ugh,  I mean
saving, (I have been trying not to refer to that five letter word) for special projects,

Find a piece that is the right size for your space,leave a couple inches at
the top to sew down into a pocket for your curtain rod,
 Actually if it is not just the right size don't worry because
you can add other left over pieces to the sides or hem to make it work,
the more you add the shabbier it will look, (the italics came on here, and only here
can't turn it off in this spot, sometimes this blogger is so wierd!)

I also found some left over piece's of old towels, handkerchief's, etc

Here is my piece of chiffon on the iron board, and I have laid out some of the pieces to sew,
I like to start in the center and work my way out to the edges,
you do not have to finish the edges, you could serge or top stitch edges, but
it is not necessary because it just adds to the shabby look when you don't,

As you go down the front center you pin the next piece just under the tip of the first layer, and
so on,

I found this piece of table runner (I think) for the bottom edge center,
I will add other pieces next to it for the rest of the bottom edge,

Start sewing in place, sewing across top of first layer,
I like to use a bigger basting stitch because the chiffon does want to stretch,  

Lift up first layer and sew the top of second layer,
I let the layers just hang loose, you could tac them in place after you get done
however everything looks more shabby when you just let them dangle,
Fill in any gaps with lace, linen, tulle, cotton, pieces,
Hang it up, see how it looks, make adjustments where you think it would look better,
Remember, this does not have to look pristine, the more you add and
unfinish the better it looks,

I hope you can see the edges on this piece of lace,
they are cut uneven and the end was so ragged, I just tied it in a knot and let it hang down!!

Here is the finished product, from my shabby mud porch makeover,
Hope you can see the layers and ragged edges,
This is so fun and easy to do and a great way to use up all those
little pieces of lace and linens that aren't big enough for larger projects.
Here is another tip,
1. You wouldn't have to use chiffon, you could use light wieght
cotton, burlap, linen, I just wanted light to come through all the layers,
(and so I could spy on the neighbors, hehe,) 
2. Start with large pieces of lace to cover the area, it will cover easier and
save you time rather then sewing all those little pieces
3.  Don't worry about finishing the edges of your lace, cotton or linen,
the raw edges just make the curtain look more Shabby Fabulous!!!
4.  You can also sew another layer on top of the first layers, this gives
even more demention and shabbyness!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks so much for stopping by!
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