Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Return to Reality

Back from another historical reenactment, great public turnout,
and fun to see and reconnect with fellow reenactors.
92 degrees on Saturday, with 7 to 9 layers of clothing. Camisole, pantaloons,
chemise, petticoats, corset, and my heavy cotton day dress,
(I cheated on Sunday and left a couple layers off underneath)
Setting up our new Dressmaker Shop,
New front, porch, and windows with glass!!!!
Next year we will be getting a roof on the porch,
which will be great for the shade!
Ellyn and I on our new porch,
We are set up right next to the Barber/Mayor of our town scenario,
I thought you Texas bloggers would like to see that we did have
a representative  at our reenactment this year, we have several Texans that
do participate in the reenactment, this year a recruiter was set up in the town,
This reenactor was from the 5th Texas and portraying as
a recruiter for his unit,
Fortune Teller,

                                                     A real wedding this year, yes they are
                                                              accutally getting married at the event!


This is the lake home of a dear friend and family. I call it the
"Resort". I stay here at the end of each day of the reenactment, and the
first thing I do is take off all 9 layers, and jump in the water!!!!!
Well, yea, I do put a suit on,
(unless we go for a "nakey"  swim late at night)

Sunset of another amazing weekend, thanks to my
dear friends and their wonderful hospitality,
Oh, how I hated to leave the 1860's, the "Resort" and
return to reality. Now back to work, get things ready for
fall, and adventures that the next few months will bring.
 Time now to also concentrate on my blogging, visiting all of you, and
blog party's!!!
I am so excited for Halloween and Christmas!!
Hope to visit you all soon,
Take care, thank you for stopping by,