Monday, July 9, 2012

Shabby Mud Porch Make Over

                                                                 Last week was so hot here in Michigan. We are not
                                                    used to this heat like some of you out west and south, (I don't know how you stand it) 
                                    So everyone I talked to had a hard time working, sleeping, etc. Neighbors without power, guess I am not on the same power grid, very odd.
I couldn't sit at my sewing
                                      machines, (do not have central air, yet!, will soon) even at the shop it was
                                         still too hot! Went to a girlfriends pool everyday last week! Her pool water
                                           was 88 to 90 degrees, and not a small pool, six foot deep, unbelievable,
                                                              However, now that I can sit at the computer without sweating,
                               I think I am finally ready to reveal my latest
                                                  project, the mud porch off my kitchen, so here are some before
                                                     pictures, hope to get the new porch posted this week also,
Here are some before pictures of my "mud porch",
I had a cook stove, kind of a camping, country theme going on,
painted the walls red back then (10 years now) the kitchen was red and blue also,
The kitchen is just after the mud porch,

Old cook, heat stove, my son carried it out to the carriage barn for me,
I took the granite ware up to my shop for sale,
The west side wall and  window,
the little hook rack was put up 35 years ago for my children
to hang coats, back packs, etc. on it,
This is the back wall of what is the outside of the house,
It did have dry wall on it at one time, (bees in that wall so we had to open it up and clean out)
So I just always left it exposed, this would have been an open porch 100 years ago,
I think it was enclosed  in the 1950's,
Bathroom vent pipe, coming from the bath beyond the kitchen ,
East wall and window, I always hung herbs, baskets, cute things on the suspended bar,
in front of the window,
                          Everything cleared out,                   
Painting walls white, (can of oops paint from hardware)
Floor, half press tile and half original sub floor,
I was hoping to scrape and melt off glue, oh yes it can be done,
actually did it in the kitchen 30 years ago, I was much younger and stronger back then,
so this didn't get done, however gave it a good cleaning, filled all the cracks in the
woodwork and floor, 

After cleaning, I took old legs from denim jeans, spread them out to go
under the new area rug, I know this might be a little obsessive, but I can't stand the
sand and dirt that gets through the rugs and carpeting, so this helps
collect it so it is easier to clean later,
This is the new area rug I found at Family Dollar,
and a little mat, I still come in from the gardens with wet shoes or
mud, now that this space is so cute, I want to keep it cleaned up!!!
Went with this grey, thought it would go well with shabby white,
Now that you have seen what it used to look like I will reveal the new
in the next post,
I love how it turned out, hope to start working on the inside rooms of
my house over the next year,

Thanks for stopping by, wish I had more pictures of the before,
but if you know me, I always am so excited about a new project
I forget to take before pictures, hehe, so hope you will be
able to see the transformation,
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your blog list, Thanks so much,