Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Solstice Party!!

Set up complete, guests arriving, 

Remember the ugly white, moldy plastic chairs?

                 I put gingham tablecloths on the little tables, with  some
candles I found at the dollar store, 

My Prince came to the party this year!!!! I found him at the antique mall this year,
great price, couldn't let him go, I let him sit in the Goddess chair
                                                                         Hatter came again this year, he likes to stay in the          carriage barn and view from the window,

Edward, a new guest,   also liked to stay in the barn,
he is soooo mysterious!

                                                                And Hans has been here every year,
                                                                      usually behind a tree as he is here,

Path through the garden, saw this blue bottle trail on pinterest, had to do it!
The blue bottles were either my own or given to me, the round mats are
actually place mats, (goodwill)

My chandelier also received a touch up with hot pink,
Now for other guests to arrive, I need to make sure everything else is ready,
More to follow, actually waiting for more pictures to be sent to me,
Great friends, food, beautiful clothing, spells, and garden gift exchange,
Please stay tuned in the next couple days!
Thanks for visiting,