Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shabby White Plastic

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                                             Wednesday, so I know how hard it is to take the time to visit.
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                                           These last few weeks have flown by, I am nervous about getting
                                      everything done as usual.
                                          . Especially for my annual Summer Solstice Party that I host
                                              for all of we Goddesses from the antique mall where I have my booth.

                                             The yard work, decorating, making sure the inside of the house is cleared
                                             up enough in case of rain,
                                           I also find I need to get ready on a shoestring of time and money.

                                           So, for 3.67 a can I bought some Rustoleum Spray Paint for plastic!
                                           Instead of buying new chairs, I just spray painted them., and I am
                                           amazed at how good they came out. I did spray 2 coats, cleaned the chairs
                                           really good before. The paint went on really well and covered all the black
                                            moldy spots.

                                                            Love this lime green,

                                                                  Hot Pink!!!!

                                               Tree Chandelier, kinda a gold, beige color,

This is the chandelier I bought from another fellow vendor,
used some of the hot pink paint on it also, I hang this in a tree and put
little votive's on the platforms where the lights used to be.
                                                               I also had enough that I managed to  squeeze
                                                               out of the can for 2 torches, this green chair will
                                                           get a coat of purple and then 2 more torches to paint,
                                                        just haven't had time to do this one yet. Kinda rainy today,
                                                        So will have to show another time,

                                             For now I am linking to Kathleen at Faded Charm:
Savy Southern Style:
                                                   Have a fantastic week everyone,