Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pre Party Prep for Solstice

Welcome to Summer Solstice!!!
Or to the ancient Celts,  the Sabbatt of Litha.

                              I will be finalizing and crunching my time into final preparations for my annual Summer Solstice party this Saturday. I started getting ready for this last March. Making lists, getting things together for party favors, buying citronella candles, flower seeds, annual flowers, etc., etc., !!!!
                              The effort and results are always wonderful, however after cleaning out flower beds, mowing the lawn, painting, crafting., I can hardly walk this morning!!!

This spring I had some kind of creeping weed, reminded me of wild watercress,tickseed?
it was "EVERYWHERE", I have never had weeds this bad, I think it was because
we had such a warm winter here, so nothing died off,
So now for the first time in some 20 years I bought some serious weed preventer,
and when I planted some seeds for the third time and they didn't come up, (not even the
basil), it finally dawned on me it is because of the preventer,
And I always prided myself on not using chemicals!!!

Gather the garden  tools, ugh,

                                                       June, 19, 2012, 90 degree's today, will have to resume my party prep after the sun passes over the yard, around 7pm here, another flower bed to clean out, or more "Garden Eye Candy" to put out, make sure all is ready to welcome the Faeries into the yard.

Wind up the hose, ugh,

Mow the lawn, ugh,

                                                      I hope to bring this party to my blog and invite you all next year!
(no yard work)
Recipes, crafts, give away's, thought it would be fun. If anyone out there is interested in co-hosting this with me, I would love the help, I would do the same we do here at my garden party only virtually!! I have never hosted a "blog party", so need lots of advice, like how do you use that "Linky" thing? Stuff like that.


I will also be revealing my Mud Porch makeover at this party!!! I went all white and shabby, I love it, can't wait to show it off.
Here is a sneak preview:

I hope to have pictures of the Summer Solstice Party and my new
mud porch up sometime next week, as long as the Faeries don't carry
me away, umm, that could be a good thing and well deserved rest,
Haha, untill then, thanks for visiting and have a great week!