Saturday, June 23, 2012

Party Tonight!!!!!


Another beautiful morning here, unbelievable Michigan weather we have had
these last few weeks, Made a pot of coffee contemplating getting outside to
set up the yard for the party tonight, I didn't get to sleep till after 3 am, so
kinda getting a slow start to the day,
Will mow the lawn one more time, set up tables, chairs, cooler, etc.

 I like to have a memorable
party favor to give, this year I took old the legs from old denim jeans,
cut them in small bag sizes, just sewed on outside edge, added handle, lace bow.

                                                                   I had some heavy tags so covered them with
                                           my garden image (last post) this year, just shrunk the size in word, put 12
on the page and print, cut out, glue on, raffia through the hole,

                                                     Made tags to put on bag, image of Solstice, Garden poem,
                                                     a little glitter,

                                                   Thinned out some hosta and Japanese Painted Fern,

                                                   Put in baggies with newspaper a little water, tie up tight
                                                      these will go in the gift bags,
Finish hanging the tulle for an enchanting, whimsical atmosphere in the gardens,

Would you believe I can not find the wooden seats for these chairs!!!!
I found them in the basement and put in the garage weeks ago,
now can't find them in the garage, so infuriating,

I use old iron boards for tables, we will put the food on these,

Here are my little bags with the plant cuttings in them,

I have one hour to get dressed and finish some details outside,
So will show you the party next week, I plan to rest tomorrow,
Happy Summer Solstice to Us!!!!  Hehe, Party Time!!!!
Now, where is my glass of wine?