Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Victorian Tailor goes Simply Me!


                                                        Time for our annual town event, Spring Fling, here set around the idyllic scene of  our court house for Ingham County, Mason, Michigan. Artisans gather around the court house lawn with their wares for sale. Other various events continue throughout Saturday  and into Sunday. Fun food, friends, music, local businesses, everyone enjoys coming out to visit and shop.

                                                   Ingham County Court House, so Back to the Future.....ish, with the clock tower, that does chime on the hour and half hour, (love it, especially last night when the Super Moon finally came out).  Also the setting for the movie Real Steal!  That was quite the town event when they were filming here, as you can imagine. They just made us Ingham County Texas, and hung the Texas flag. Um..... I have always wanted to go to Texas and visit all you wonderful bloggers.  Maybe there is a serendipitous connection here?

                                                             Here is my beautiful daughter Elizabeth, in front of her business sign Pretty Simple.Me,  we are merging for the first time with our businesses,

                                                         Fairy Station, Elizabeth's homemade Soy Candles,Butterflies, and little Plant Buddy Fairy's
                                                    Elizabeth drapes her canopy with fabric and these colorful globes,
                                                    Spa and Beach towel sets for women and girls,
                                                         Elizabeth's son Daniel, 2 years old, got his first professional haircut, also this day, my little baby is growing up, however now he looks even older, ...sigh, they grow up so fast........
                                                    My sweet Isabella, likes Aunt Liz's candles
                                                            Here I am snapping a picture of Isabella,

My other daughter Alexandra, sent these gorgeous beads she makes from
scrap paper to sell also,

                                                           One of my sewing boxes with a tag I made,
                                                      We had a fun and prosperous day, our merging of our minds and wares went very well, perhaps more shows in the future? Now at my age, it is very helpful to have someone who can do the heavy work, I am so blessed to have daughters who enjoy their businesses and want to include me in the process,


                                             I still want to post my newly decorated mud porch for
a White Wednesday, just not quite ready yet, but I am loving how it is turning out, first the porch then the rest of the house!!!!  Or at least another room in the house,   
                                                I wish you all a blessed and Happy Mothers Day,