Monday, May 21, 2012

Rain, Seeds and Travel?


Warm cloudy day here, which is good, we now need the rain so bad after all the beautiful warm days we have had. I managed to get some vegetable and flower seeds in, put down some weed and feed, so now just need the rain to help everything along.

My little Daniel is out on the east coast, miss him so much, put his little sand box away for now, and covered it up good,
He will return mid July, and I will get it out again, I may have an opportunity to fly out and drive back with he and his mama. Have done this before, he is a good passenger and my daughter and I  have fun seeing sights along the way. Well, seeing Cape Cod, (this is where they are at), is not a bad sight either!

I also try to visit my other daughter, in Vermont, when I get this far, and there is another wonderful state and sights to see.

Isn't is great that our children grow up and find wonderful places to live so we can visit for free?
Thank you so much children!!!!  However when I was going through the "empty nest" syndrome it was kinda hard to keep this in mind. Although now, some ten, fifteen years later I have finally adjusted. Well, it really didn't take me that long.

Hope you all have a great day! Thank you for visiting!