Monday, May 14, 2012

Pre and Post Mothers Day

Another wonderful, blessed Mothers Day! My children always do such nice things for me. Even though I had to work, (have worked many Mothers Days) and the sun was shinning and so warm out, I was inside all day, I was reminded of the privilege it is to be a "mother", and kept this thought with me.

A gift certificate from my daughter Elizabeth for a wonderful pedicure at my favorite spa,
Phone call from daughter Alexandra, cards, planning trips to visit, both my daughters are on the east coast now,  more gifts, cards from both sons, they are making Mothers Day special for their wives, as it should be,

I found this beautiful pink/purple Hydrangea in the kitchen yesterday when I got home from work, from my son Nathan, his wife Kelly, and sweet Isabella,
Can't wait till I can get in the garden and plant this, have wanted one for a long time!

So when I got home from work today, I sat in the garden and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful day, turned on some Celtic music, and was transported to Mother's Day and "Faerie" heaven!

And yes, I am experimenting with blog templates again!  I kinda like this one, although not sure I like the black, would be cool if this could be a white transparency, maybe I should check again see if there is a white one,  he, he, here I go again,
Ok, just checked the templates again, not seeing a white transparency, guess I will stay with this for a while,
What do you think, hard to see?, hard to read?  I love the background though,

I was just able to change the "Sidebar Background" color, go to "design" at the nav bar,
click on "customize" under your picture of your template picture,
then select "advanced",
 then select "sidebar background" on the little scroll menu,
I like the mauve color much better then the black,

Well this is all the changing I have time for now, so let this do for a while,

Hope you all have a great week!