Friday, May 18, 2012

Paper Bag Garden Book

Another beautiful sunny warm day here,
I was just inspired to show my garden book I made
a few years ago for all of my garden info.
I'm sure many of you have made paper bag scrapbooks,
Here is how I made mine,

I used grocery bags, yes, ordinary grocery bags, they are
a great size for any article I want to save, the open part of the bag
makes a great pocket for other loose papers,

I folded the bags in half, punched holes in the fold and tied the bags
together with garden twine, then decorated each page with photos,
magazine clippings, a few scrapbook tags, used old cards with
flowers or garden scenes on them,
made pockets on some of the pages to put little snippets of info,

Now whenever I see a picture or article  that pertains to the garden
I just cut it out and set inside, worry about putting it in the right page later,
Seems like the more this book is used the more interesting it looks,

Bright sunny weather always makes me ambitious, then when I get up away from
the computer and look around at all the projects,  that feeling kinda fades, ha,ha,
Oh well, 
First I need to get up to my shop today, clean, price, get some sewing done,
there is always hope for tomorrow, after I mow the lawn anyway!

Hope you all have a blessed, sunny day!