Saturday, April 14, 2012

What do you do when your 2nd birthday is the day before Easter,

My version of a Bunny Cake, left off the coconut, because of allergies,
however still came out good!

It was a Beautiful day to visit the Butterfly House at Michigan State University,
A lot of waaaattttteeeerrrr features!!!  I am surprised the two of them just didn't jump in!!!

A mini bridge and pond, just the right size for little ones like Daniel to mamage,

I captured a picture just as this butterfly was flying by, it looks like it is on
Isabella's hand but actually was flying by, she was so excited!!!

Can't have a party without Bubbles!!

Moving on to the Childrens Garden, also at the university, jumping and dancing on the
musical chimes,

Coming back over the bridge with Dad, and Uncle Nathan
Warm beautiful day!!! Easter sunday just as wonderful, wish I had pictures
of the mishap with my son's 25.00 kite, so funny, will have to tell about another