Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage Pillowcase Skirt Tutorial


                                        Welcome to White  Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a good week.

                             I have been inspired by the pillowcase clothing seen on Pinterest, and actually      dashed around (and I mean literally) to make some items, leaving the house in a complete disaster, although I did get things sewn! So I put together my version of how I sewed  this together,
                     please just go here for the tutorial:  http://www.victoriantailor.com/category/sharing/
                                                Then here are some pictures of white's in my garden that are in

                                                          Pillowcase Skirt

                                                        This is some bloodroot that is in full bloom in my garden,
                                            The Trillium's are also in full bloom,

                                               And the Bluebells are vibrant, so today of course it is snow. I know it won't hurt the flowers, just is so weird to have been so warm  with everything blooming and now snow. Not unusual for Michigan however. Finally I just wanted to update you on the progress I am
 making with my back porch, mud room, I am redoing it in white and  shabby, I posted some before pics a few weeks back, the walls were red and I had a country theme, granite ware, old parlor stove, etc,        

This is actually the back of the house, literally, the clap boarding, where
the mud porch is enclosed, I dry brushed it for now, would love to do something
really cool on this wall,

This is where the parlor stove was, now the wall white,
have some touch up spots to do then can get on with the
curtains, rug, and other shabby things I want to put out here.
Wish I had the energy to scrape off that tiling, a rough wood floor is under it,
would look so good painted white also,
(still looking for that "house boy", ha,)
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