Monday, April 2, 2012

New Flax and Lace Dress

Happy Easter Week!
Just wanted to share one of my new clothing pieces,
before the weekend and I imerse my self in all the things
I need to do to get ready for my little grandsons 2nd  birthday party on Saturday and
then Easter Sunday,

Spring Jumper, Dress or top,
Comfy to wear,
Antique Flax and Lace,
SIZE: Medium/Large

Easter Bunny Cake

I will be making my grandson this little bunny cake, I found this picture
on Pinterest, however I have been making this shape for years, (my youngest sons
birthday would often fall on or around Easter) I always used
an egg shape cake mold, use on half for the body the other half cut out
the shapes for the head, tail etc., Then I would cut construction paper ears,
jelly bean eyes, shoestring licorish for wiskers, I will take pictures this
year when I put this together on Friday,

Have a blessed week everyone! Thanks for stopping by!