Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tutorial for White Hankie Bonnet

Happy White Wednesday!!!
Here I have some of my favorite White Things, and wondered if
any of you have ever made the sweet little baptism bonnets with the
vintage hankies? I'm sure many of you know how to make these,
however thought you might like to see how I make mine.
So just keep scrolling down to the picture of the hankie and I will attempt to
explain my way to make these.

                                                     This is a collage of white clothing I have made ,
                                                      a few pinks mixed in,
                                                Sweet white ironstone, have been collecting patiently
                                                 over the years one piece at a time
                        Here are the little bonnets I made for my nieces twins, the pink flower for her
little  girl, Keaton, and the all white for her little boy, Atticuss, so let me tell you how
I put these together,
                                              Start with hankie open, you will need a needle and thread,
                                              any ribbon you like,

                                              Fold hankie in half,

                                            Now fold again, you have a square with  four layers,

              Tac the back of the square, just 2 layers, the back being the corner where there is not an
              embroidered design, slightly overlap the points or corners and tac with thread while also
               sewing a decorative ribbon also, that you will tie in a bow,                                                   

                                                        Now tac the two front corners, again with thread and this time, tac
                                                      the ribbon for a bow but also while the bow ribbon is open              put                                                put  the  chin strap  ribbon end on top of this open ribbon and tac the
                                               two pieces at the same time.  You will then tie a bow over the cut end of
                                              the chin strap ribbon. Finally cut your length off for the strap and tie.

                                                I hope you can see on this Cabbage Patch Doll how the ribbons
                                           are tacked on and how it will fit.        

This is a spice cookie made from a copper Fluer des Le cookie cutter
that my daughter bought for me, it is my business logo, and there was one left
when she found it, how serendipitous!
Hope my tutorial was helpful, and you can understand it,
I am linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm,

PS: Is anyone else having trouble composing your posts? My sentences and single words are going all over the place, and I have to keep chasing them to try and put in line, hope it is not my computer, just curious, or maybe I am not doing something right? Just leave a comment if you have any ideas, thanks!